Matchless G50 Ultralight Race Piston

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These Racing pistons have been designed by Scandinavian Specialist Services AB in cooperation with JS Engineering to produce the absolute lightest available piston for your G50 without any compromise in material strength and performance. They are forged and designed with running with ourlonger connecting rods. Compression ratio is as any race G50 piston from other suppliers such as Omega Wössner. CR approx 12:1. Must be combined with our longer rods bushless for DLC coated pin. Designed for 90 mm bore either nikasil lined cylinder or ironliner compatible. Designed and special coating for tight clearences, which add to power. Piston weigh 450 grams complete with rings pin and piston compared with 550 g for the ordinary race piston. The rod is 100 grams less in weight compared with ordinary steel rod. This lighter rod further lessens the weight of the small end  assembly.These huge weight savings greatly relieves stress on crankcases, lessens vibration improves acceleration and transforms your G50. No modifications is necessary to head or barrel. Includes rings, clips and DLC pins and rod.. Crank rebalancing is recommended but ordinarily not required. Balancing info is supplied and approximate balance factor can be supplied given which crank used. We use connecting rod setup with bearings but can also be used with roller needle bearing rod set up. These are the lightest, highest quality domed pistons you can buy for your Matchless G50. The components has been tested on race track with very good results.

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