Royal Purple HPS 20w/50

220 kr

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HPS is recommended for use in gasoline and diesel automotive, commercial fleet and stationary industrial engines. Royal Purple® HPS® Series motor oil is specifically formulated to maximize performance and meet the demands of high performance and modified engines. HPS is recommended for vehicles no longer under manufacturer warranty and for those seeking a higher level of performance and protection. Royal Purple HPS oils are fortified with a high level of zinc / phosphorus anti-wear additive and a generous dose of Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec® additive technology. These unique formulations enable HPS oils to outperform leading synthetic and conventional lubricants in both gasoline and diesel engines.


  • Exceptionally high film strength for dramatic reductions in engine wear and reduced engine heat to extend the life of your engine
  • Advanced additive chemistry helps reduce low speed pre-ignition in today’s turbocharged gasoline direct injection engines
  • Improved sealing between the piston ring and cylinder wall maximizes horsepower and torque and optimizes fuel economy
  • Exceptional oxidation stability extends oil life and allows for more miles driven between oil changes saving you time and money
  • Advanced synthetic solvency reduces engine deposits and keeps engines clean
  • Outstanding wear protection for valve train components, including performance roller lifter and high lift flat tappet camshafts and lifters
  • Superior corrosion protection

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